Corporate Profile of PT Karura Logistics

KARURA Logistics is a regional providing logistics solution with expertise in FMCG, Manufacturing and Others Industry. Our customized logistics solution will continue to evolve our business by developing customer's business.

Our business is supported by professional and excellent staff with a rich experience in operating and managing a complete range of logistics and transport services. The service will be adapted to fit customer's requirement including multi-modal transportation, warehouse management, project cargo handling and shipment, as well as all required documentation.

To fulfill all the Customers requirements and to provide the best services, KARURA Logistics has its own facilities, such as : more than 130 units of various fleet trucks and 1,000 m2 indoor warehouse storage. Giving our customers satisfaction and comfortable services with exellence standard operations. KARURA Logistics become a solid total logistics supply chain.

Karura Logistics - 2017