About PT Karura Logistics

KARURA Logistics was founded in 2006 as the company's freight forwarding and customs clearance services. KARURA Logistics help customers in both freight export, import and domestic purposes. To get closer to the customer and the customer needs KARURA Logistics office on Jl. Kenjeran. Since then, KARURA Logistics establish a good relationship and build trust through a partnership with the customer.

In providing a more excellent service to customers then in 2008, KARURA Logistics invest in its own procurement unit truck to better ensure the safety of goods in transit.

KARURA Logistics always care about the needs of its customers, therefore the complete service to the customer then in 2009 built a warehouse in the industrial area Margomulyo which is close to the factory and warehousing customer so that more effective and efficient.

Today KARURA Logistics professional team are fulfilling all customer needs with innovation and creativity, to facilitate free trade and win the challenge.

Karura Logistics - 2017